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Finding your perfect wedding gown is just one of the things you get to look forward to when it comes to creating your dream wedding day look. The wedding gown is often a good starting point, then you can move on to other important pieces like the shoes, veil, and jewelry. Today we’ll continue our series that introduces new brides to the many different options available (see our blog posts, “A Bride’s Guide to Bridal Gown Necklines” and “A Bride’s Guide to Bridal Gown Sleeves” for lots more information!).


A favorite among the most fashion-forward brides, the birdcage veil is often designed to draw attention to the bride’s face. It uniquely hugs the shape of your face and extends only to the eyes or nose in most cases. It complements an intricate makeup look splendidly.

Veils Style No. BR401


A blusher veil may be the most unique of all veils in that you can choose one that looks sweet and demure, vintage, or even quirky. When positioned over the face, the blusher veil extends to barely cover the eye area or perhaps to the chin, though never much further. It can be positioned off to one side of the head to add an extra air of elegance.


As indicated by the name, fingertip veils extend to the area where your hands naturally fall when standing. They may be scalloped, have a ribbon hem, or have completely unmarked edges.


The ballet veil length extends down to the back of the knees. It often has two or even three layers, with the shorter one sometimes covering the bride’s face as she walks down the aisle.


Chapel veils are floor length, though some within this category do have a short train; therefore, they are popular with wedding gowns that also have a train. Chapel and cathedral lengths can be difficult to control in windy conditions so are not typically recommended for outdoor ceremonies.


Known as the most formal option, cathedral veils have a long train that drapes elegantly behind the bride. These are often paired with a formal gown that also has a long train. The maid of honor is frequently charged with the task of ensuring both the wedding gown and the cathedral veil are positioned perfectly during the ceremony and as the bride walks down the aisle with her groom.

Cathedral Lace Veil

Choosing the right veil is an important decision because it can make a big impact on your overall wedding day look. It can add a feeling of romance to a more free-spirited dress or build on the regal feeling of a classic, formal wedding gown. We invite you to visit the Bella’s Brides Toronto bridal shop to see our collection and talk to one of our knowledgeable wedding consultants to find the perfect veil to complement your wedding gown.

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