Choosing the Right Wedding Shoes to go With Your Bridal Gown

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Finding the right wedding shoes is just one of the tasks every bride faces when planning her wedding day look. Wedding shoes are not your average pair of heels–let’s face it, you’ll probably spend more time selecting them than any other pair you own! The way they look is certainly one of the factors you’ll take into consideration, but there’s a whole lot more to the decision than looks. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect pair for your big day:

1) Consider dress length.
We recommend that a bride chooses her bridal gown before selecting accessories. After your bridal gown is delivered, and you have a chance to try it on, talk to us about what to expect with the alterations so you know exactly what length the dress will be. This way you can choose heels that complement the length perfectly.

2) Coordinate with your bridal gown color.
Wedding shoes may or may not match the color of your bridal gown. Some of our brides choose a bright color, like red or blue, to show off their personality or add a unique twist to their wedding day look. However, most brides go for a more traditional style that complements their gown in either an ivory, white, champagne, or similar color. One thing’s for certain–you don’t want the colors of your gown and accessories to be different shades that clash with one another. Avoid getting white shoes if you have a cream-colored gown, or vice versa.

3) Make sure they are comfortable!
It’s tempting to select a pair of sky high heels that look elegant and different from your daily routine for your wedding day. And while you will definitely want shoes that feel special, you’ll need to be careful not to choose something so far outside your comfort zone that they literally make you uncomfortable. You don’t want to be in pain as you walk down the aisle or thinking about how much you can’t wait to sit down as you dance with your husband.

Once you’ve found a great pair of wedding shoes, don’t stick them in a box and pack them away until the big day. You’ll want to try them on with your bridal gown and make sure you’re happy with how your entire look comes together. Do yourself a favor and wear them around the house at least a handful of times so that you wear them in a bit and loosen them up prior to wearing them for an entire day (and evening!). This will also give you a chance to practice walking in them and ensure you feel confident about your wedding day stride–and the fact that you won’t take a tumble!

For more tips on creating your dream wedding day look, check out our blog posts on selecting a complementary bridal gown color, deciding whether you want a gown with a train, and comparing different types of wedding veils. We also invite you to contact us to meet with one of our experienced bridal consultants. With more than 25 years of experience, our team is committed to helping each of our Toronto brides find the perfect bridal gown and accessories for her big day!

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