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You have the perfect wedding gown. You’ve found those special shoes. Now, it’s time to plan your wedding hairstyle and makeup.

Most brides know these essentials about wedding hairstyles: Gather examples as inspiration for your hairdresser. Do a sample run (or two!) before the big day. And plan on a heavy coating of hairspray to keep your look in place.

But just as there are hundreds of styles of bridal gowns, there are also nearly endless options of how to wear your hair on your wedding day. Some brides prefer a casual look, with loose flowing waves like you might see on a lingerie model or movie star. Others plan the perfect updo with detailed twists and curls. We suggest that you ask yourself these questions when deciding on your wedding hairstyle:

1) Do I have time to grow out my hair?
Intricate updos can demand lots of hair in both volume and length. This explains why it’s not uncommon for many brides to grow out their hair in the months leading up to their big day. If you have worn short hair for years, this may not be the best time to attempt to grow it out.

2) Will I be wearing a headpiece or veil?
A headpiece draws extra attention to your hair and also demands a style that will complement the accessory. A detailed headpiece deserves to have the spotlight and is usually best displayed with a simple hairstyle. Flower crowns, which seem to be peaking in popularity, beg to be paired with loose, flowing waves. And if you’ll be wearing a veil, you’ll need to be mindful of its position in your hair as you look at different wedding hairstyle options. A veil can work with both loose hair and updos but does require planning in advance to ensure you can pin it in the correct position.

3) Do I want to draw attention to the back of my gown?
Some of our wedding gowns have beautiful backs that serve as the focal point of the bride’s overall look. Intricate lace designs, dramatic cuts, and keyhole backs all deserve attention, and you won’t want to cover them up with long, loose hair. An updo would be a natural fit for a gown that features a particularly beautiful back.

4) How do I wear my hair daily?
There’s no question that you want your wedding day look to be special. However, you won’t want to look so different that your guests barely recognize you! If you wear your hair up each and every day, you might be inclined to have an updo, albeit in a different style, on your wedding day as well. Likewise, if your gorgeous flowing locks play a big part in your regular personal style, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be part of your wedding day style, too.

Planning your wedding is a major endeavor. We would be honored to help you plan your big day, including everything from your bridal gown, to the shoes, to your wedding hairstyle, and more. If you’re looking for good hair clippers, do not forget to have a look at here. Our experienced bridal consultants have more than 25 years of experience helping Toronto brides. Call us today to set up a consultation and learn more about how we can help you coordinate the wedding of the dreams!

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  1. From ancient times to the present, women have used various wedding hairstyles to look not only their best, but to preserve the look of elegance. The wedding day is a special day in the lives of all women where you fret over the perfect dress, make up and hair style for the occasion.

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