The Best Wedding Gown Color for Your Skin Tone

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If you’re engaged and have started looking at wedding gowns, you know that there are many factors to take into consideration. From the style to the length to the type of train you want, you have plenty to think about! One of the most important things to consider as you begin looking at different styles is which wedding gown color will best complement your skin tone. These are some general guidelines to know as you think about which wedding gown color may be most flattering for you:


Champagne is a beautiful wedding gown color that is often overlooked by brides who have only considered the more traditional whites. Brides with pale skin tones often look particularly beautiful in a champagne gown since it provides a nice contrast to their natural coloring.

Champagne wedding gown color
3 dresses, 3 variations of one wedding gown color: Champagne (also referred to as light gold, caramel, gold, or even blush shade).


It’s important to remember that white is not a single wedding gown color. Natural whites are generally the most pure white attainable with natural fibers, while synthetic materials may feature an even brighter shade called “stark white.” Those with a darker skin color look stunning in a crisp white wedding gown.


White wedding gown color in two custom wedding dresses
A white wedding gown color featured in these custom gowns from Bella’s Couture.


Ivory is generally regarded as the most versatile and flattering wedding gown color. Ivory wedding gowns from different designers and in different collections may have a creaminess to the color, while others can have slight yellow undertones.

Photo of ivory wedding gown color
This bride shines in a ruffled wedding gown–ivory is the color.


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2 thoughts on “The Best Wedding Gown Color for Your Skin Tone”

  1. This post was soo helpful!
    I tried on a pure white dress, but couldn't figure out why I looked so pale….went for champagne instead.
    It's perfect!
    It's worth noting, that sometimes the color of the dress appears to look different indoors, in the artificial light.

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