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Tradition has it in Western cultures that the groom does not see what the bride is wearing until the wedding day. This makes it rather difficult for the groom to have any say at all! The groom will, however, have some idea of the sort of wedding that is being planned; he will know if it’s traditional or modern.

Not so long ago, the word ‘wedding’ would conjure up images of a bride in white with a dress in a heavy fabric with elaborate decoration and a flowing train held by similarly dressed bridesmaids. She would be holding a bouquet of flowers, wearing a tiara and a veil. The groom would wear a morning coat with a top hat. This is the traditional wedding,

Winter weddings offer you an opportunity to turn a potentially cold, damp and dreary occasion into a magical one. You may still prefer a traditional summer wedding, but if, for whatever reason, you have to marry in winter, do not despair; think outside the box and your wedding will be just as memorable, maybe more so, than a summer one.

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