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Plus Size? Take Those Worries Away and Look Super on Your Wedding Day With Plus Size Wedding Dresses

If you are plus size and are thinking that wedding dresses are only for those with a Size Zero runway figure, then think again.

Today all styles are available for the fuller figure; if you have curves, why not flaunt them! There’s a growing market out there reacting to the skinny model so-called norm. So don’t worry – you can look stunning on your wedding day.


If you go for an A-line shaped wedding dress this will probably be the most flattering as it takes the emphasis away from the hips and gives you  more balanced look and hide any imperfections.

You probably want to steer away from the ballgown skirt style as this can exaggerate the curves you may want to hide.

Holter wedding dresses or V neckline are very flattering to the woman with a larger bust.

Strapless? Be careful – we don’t want any accidents! Make sure you are well held in but you may find that having your shoulders covered with a plunge neckline looks better than exposing shoulders which may detract from your curves.

Long length of wedding dress can even out the curves, add height and can be more flattering than short dresses or skirts that draw attention to that central area.

Arms can be a problem for the plus size woman. So look at sleeves or at least quarter-length.

Don’t kid yourself

Look. You’re a beautiful plus size figure, so don’t try to squeeze yourself into an outfit you know doesn’t fit. Make sure you have room to move and breathe! You may be lucky enough to get something off the peg, but fitted is better. This is your big day. Make sure you are happy and be yourself.


These days plus sizes wedding dressses come in every conceivable style and material but you have to know that some styles may not suit you. Usually the less fussy the dress, the better for the plus size woman. You should look at chiffon, satin, maybe lace for sleeves and bodice.

Summing Up

We are all different shapes and sizes. Try to understand what is best for you; what you want to emphasize and what you want to minimize. Don’t think because you are plus size that you have to cover yourself in yards of tuile. Visit Bella’s Brides for a full consultation to find the perfect weddingf dress for your special day.

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  1. Excellent Blog. Since I am a plus size bride, I had a problem to buy a wedding dress. The wedding was in Serbia. Girls helped me to choose the right wedding dress for my figure. I am very happy.

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