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Happy New Year to all the wonderful brides who read the Bella’s Brides blog! Are you planning a Toronto wedding for 2015? If you are, chances are good that you’ve got your planning checklist in order with all the big items every bride focuses on organizing. There’s no doubt it includes things like the venue, entertainment, catering,

If you’re planning the wedding of your dreams but don’t want to rack up the debt of your nightmares, it’s important to set a realistic budget and stick to it. Your wedding dress can potentially eat up a big portion of your budget, and finding a stunning but reasonably priced wedding gown is a great way to stay under budget without putting a damper on your big day.

f you are one of the many women who spend half their lives thinking about their wedding day, you certainly want to look your fabulous best when the big day is finally here. The wedding dress is perhaps the single item that captures the most attention during a wedding. The man who will be spending the rest of his life with you

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