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Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations not only come in all shapes and sizes and colours, but the actual wording used, the font and layout all contribute to the overall effect. And then there are the envelopes! And don’t forget the paper or card used.

So where to begin?

Types of Invitation

This is very variable. Here are some basic types:

  • A single page card and single reply card
  • A fold-out envelope with card and separate reply card
  • A single folded invitation which opens like a book
  • A double fold invitation which opens like French windows


You could also have a bespoke or novelty shape but these will be more expensive and availability will be limited to specialist printers.

Choosing colours and text style

Once you have your basic design, the next choice is colour scheme. You may want your wedding invitation to match the scheme of the wedding reception or you may just go for a traditional white card with black or gold lettering.

You should bear in mind that the more colours you use, the more expensive it will be to print.

The font of the text should come next. You have the option to go with a more traditional cursive font which resembles handwriting or a modern, more jazzy font, or just a simple clear serif (like Times Roman) or sans serif font (like Arial).

The printer or card designer will be able to provide you with examples and it is worthwhile looking at previous work so you can see the quality and get some ideas. Take a look at Bella’s Brides to see examples of what is available. Bella’s Brides one stop bridal shop offers a comprehensive  wedding invitation service.


The wording of wedding invitations can be very personal, but it is important to ensure all the information about the ceremony and the reception is included and that a dress code is stipulated. Again, an experienced designer or printer will advise. The protocols of former years are easing and it is no longer always the case that the bride’s family are solely responsible for the wedding invitations.

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