10 Things to Do for Yourself Before Your Wedding

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Every bride knows that planning a wedding is no easy feat! Even the most casual of affairs call for planning, shopping for a wedding gown, budgeting, and plenty of organization. As the big day approaches, it’s more important than ever that you not only prepare yourself mentally and physically, but that you take some time to pamper yourself. Follow these 10 tips to make sure you’re ready for a truly special and enjoyable day:

10 Weeks Prior:

Start focusing on toning your arms. If you’re like many brides, you’ve probably had some target weight loss or body toning goals since getting engaged. Whether or not you’ve stuck to your workout plan, this is the perfect time to shift your energy to focus on toning your arms, which are most likely to be on display while you’re in your wedding gown.

9 Weeks Prior:

Make sure you’re drinking 8 glasses of water daily. Your skin will look better and you’ll feel more energized simply by keeping yourself well hydrated!

8 Weeks Prior:

Try eyebrow shaping. If you’ve always been curious about having your eyebrows professionally shaped, now is the perfect time to experiment. If you love the results, have them touched up again about a week before your wedding.

7 Weeks Prior:

Take your teeth whitening efforts up a notch. Limit tea or coffee consumption and make sure you’re brushing three times a day to limit staining. Switch to a whitening toothpaste, or, if you’re a fan of over-the-counter kits, whiten your teeth at home.

6 Weeks Prior:

Limit your intake of high-fat and highly processed foods. Substitute them with fresh fruit and vegetables and you will notice an improvement in your energy levels and will feel more confident about yourself!

5 Weeks Prior:

Break a sweat at least a twice a week. It’s easy to forget about working out at this point, but you’ll be grateful you put in the time on the treadmill or at the gym. Now’s not the time for excuses–find a way to get in a good workout a minimum of 2-3 times per week for a final push before the wedding. Working out gives you time to mentally process things and reflect on any last-minute frustrations or difficulties you’re experiencing in addition to getting your body ready to rock your wedding gown!

4 Weeks Prior:

Get a facial to address any problem zones and give yourself a break from your busy wedding planning schedule. Avoid doing this closer to the big day in case you experience any inflammation or choose a new topical treatment to deal with any simple surface-level issues.

3 Weeks Prior

: Cut down on salt and alcohol. You’ll want to look as good as possible in your wedding gown and cutting down on these two vices will help ensure that you do!

2 Weeks Prior:

Touch up your hair color. See your stylist for a routine touch-up and a quick trim to get rid of any split ends.

1 Week Prior:

Get a bikini wax, massage, or any other salon treatment that will help you relax and feel ready for your wedding and honeymoon!

Whether your wedding planning process has been smooth from the start or has been a somewhat bumpy ride, the last 10 weeks can often go by in a blur. Make a conscious effort to stay healthy, take good care of your mind and body, and treat yourself to a few special splurges, and you’ll feel energized and excited on your wedding day.

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