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Summer is upon us, which means wedding season is in full swing. If you have a summer wedding in the coming months, you probably have most of the planning done. Contracts have been signed, the wedding dress has been tailored, and everyone knows their role in the big day. If you’re in good shape with your wedding planning, why not take advantage of this time to add a few extra special touches to your summer wedding? Even if you’re short on time or money, there’s no reason you can’t add a little something to the celebration. Here are 5 last-minute things you can do now for your upcoming summer wedding:

1) Add a pattern or splash of color with accessories.

Go to a few of your favorite home decor stores and look at things like throw pillows, outdoor rugs, or other items that might add a fun “pop” to the reception. If you feel like you need a little extra something at the reception, accessories are the perfect way to spice up the basic look you already have planned.

2) Invent a signature drink.

If you love cocktails, why not get creative and concoct your own custom creation for your summer wedding? Or go with a classic, like a refreshing mojito, and give it a fun name, like “Mary & Mike’s Magnificent Mojito.” Make a fun sign that matches the decor to place at the bar so guests know about the special drink.

3) Stage a photo area for guests.

Guests love to be entertained during weddings. For the most part, they’re spectators throughout the day, watching everything from the best man giving a speech to the happy couple cutting their cake. Consider staging a themed photo area for them where they can pose with props or in a fun setting and have their pictures taken. This is an alternative to the photo booth trend, which may be cost-prohibitive or too trendy for your tastes.

4) Make something for guests.

Even if you already have your favors, there’s no reason you can’t get crafty if you love DIY projects. Summer weddings and receptions that are held outside may have guests battling the heat, so handmade paper fans are a thoughtful gift that are sure to delight. Create a “Guest Essentials” basket with sunscreen, insect repellent, hand lotion, and other frequently needed items to ensure your guests are comfortable and protected from the elements.

5) Create a visual for guests to admire.

Guests love learning more about the bride and groom while at a wedding. Create a visual display to share important dates or facts about you and your partner. It could be simple, such as photos from your childhood and your relationship tacked to a board, or more complex, like a custom print that’s been framed. If you’re looking for ways to include your parents in your wedding, be sure to add a few photos of them as well, perhaps of their own weddings.

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