5 Fun Ways to Propose to Your Bridesmaids

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Choosing your maid of honor and bridesmaids is an important decision for every bride! You’ll be thinking about all the ladies in your life, from your sister to childhood friends to closest gal pals, and even your fiancé’s family. Your bridal party will be a big part of your wedding planning experience, from potentially helping you choose your wedding gown to helping you celebrate your last days as a single lady!

Make sure your bridesmaids know how much they mean to you by planning an extra special proposal. Remember, they’ll be investing plenty of time, money, and energy into being a part of the wedding! Here are five ideas to make your bridesmaids’ proposal something they’ll cherish forever:

1) Host a movie night.

Invite your girls over to watch a wedding-themed rom-com, such as 27 Dresses or Father of the Bride. Surprise them by getting down on bended knee and “popping the question” after watching the movie!

2) Send a formal invitation.

If you and your fiancé are planning a formal affair, follow the black-tie style with your bridesmaids’ proposal as well. Create a customized invitation that plays up the elegance of the event and states just how much it would mean to you for your closest gals to be a part of the big day. You can distribute them in person or send them in the mail for an unexpected twist.

3) Wine and dine them.

Invite your girlfriends over to your house or out to dinner. Create a custom wine bottle label for each of the girls that highlights your friendship, either with photos or fun facts about things you’ve been through together. Place a bottle of wine–each with a personalized label–at every place setting to welcome–and surprise!–each guest as she arrives to the party.

4) Tug at their heart strings.

If you and your gals are a sentimental bunch, take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tell them how your big day just wouldn’t be complete without them. If you and your future maid of honor love baking together, have her come over for a night in the kitchen and surprise her with a cookie that says “Will you be my bridesmaid?”. If you and another friend loves scrapbooking, surprise her with a handmade bridesmaid page with blank spots where wedding photos will go.

5) Put a ring on it.

Create a special gift box for each of your bridesmaids. Fill it with an oversized faux engagement ring, such as a paperweight, and a hand-written note. If you like a tongue-in-cheek approach, promise her that you won’t make her wear a hideous bridesmaid gown. For a more classic approach, tell her that even though you have a man, you’ll always need your girls!

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  1. Amazing post you have shared. yes, exactly i also did the same for my partner. And i did like I just bent down on my knee and surprised her with a sapphire diamond engagement ring. At that time she was like ohh. I remembered she was too much happy at that time.

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