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It’s inevitable. At some point or another during the process, planning your wedding will likely have you somewhat stressed out. For some women, it’s just after the engagement, when they feel unsure of where to start. For others, it’s in the final weeks before the big day when all the last-minute tasks need to be taken care of.

Choosing your maid of honor and bridesmaids is an important decision for every bride! You’ll be thinking about all the ladies in your life, from your sister to childhood friends to closest gal pals, and even your fiancé’s family. Your bridal party will be a big part of your wedding planning experience

The bridesmaid is an important figure in the wedding scene, as she can be such a valuable assistant in the days leading up to the big event, a shoulder to cry on when things get a little stressful (as they will), a familiar face during the event itself and a valued caretaker to mop things up afterward.

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