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Choosing your wedding colors is one of the major milestones every bride reaches during the planning process. If you’re recently engaged and in the early planning phases, you’re probably scouring the internet for inspiration, collecting and pinning images that showcase beautiful wedding colors in the form of bridesmaids dresses, floral arrangements, and more. From the hipster-friendly to the classic to the fashion-forward, the color palettes featured in contemporary ceremonies are more varied than ever before. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself and consider as you weigh your options and select your wedding colors:

1) Do you have a signature color?

If you’re known for wearing a pop of bright pink every day or for sticking to an exclusively black wardrobe, you may want to think about how that should factor into your wedding. Brides today sometimes even choose a black wedding dress, or use it as an accent color for accessories like a belt or their shoes. Other brides choose their favorite wardrobe colors for their bridesmaids dresses.

2) Does your groom have a strong opinion?

While most brides take the reigns when it comes to wedding planning, make sure you give your fiancé the opportunity to get involved if he’s interested. Ask him if he has a strong opinion about the wedding colors before you set your heart on a specific color palette.

3) What types of bridesmaids dresses do you like for the bridal party?

Think about your bridal party and the type of bridesmaids dresses you might want them to wear as you look at different wedding color options. You may find that you gravitate toward a formal black and white gown or a light and airy coral-colored cocktail-style dress, and that may sway your opinion on overall wedding colors!

4) When are you getting married?

The time of year can significantly impact the colors you’ll want to choose. Traditional fall colors may look best in the autumn, while pastels may be best suited for spring or summer.

5) What will the overall feel of your wedding be?

Do you plan on having a wedding with a classic feel or are you eager to incorporate current trends? Think about your bridal gown and whether it will lean toward the avante-garde or the timeless. Some trendy wedding color combinations feature unexpected duos that look beautiful together, like lavender and mustard or moss green and mocha.

Your wedding colors will influence nearly every aspect of your big day, from decor to bridesmaids dresses to favors, and more. They’ll turn up in photos you’ll look at 20 years from now, so take your time and choose a combination that you truly love!

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