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If you’re like most people, checking in and sharing updates on social media is part of your daily routine. So it makes sense that more and more couples are looking for ways to incorporate social media into the wedding planning process and the celebration itself! From announcing your engagement to looking back at your guests’ best photos after you return from the honeymoon, social media can be a big part of this exciting time. Here are just 3 ways you can put your love of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular sites to use for your big day:

1) Use Pinterest as a planning tool.

Pinterest can be a bride’s best friend when it comes to the wedding planning process! Create themed boards for each aspect of your wedding while in the early planning phases. Create one for hair styles, wedding gowns, decor, bouquets, and more. Share your wedding-related boards with your bridesmaids or Pinterest-obsessed friends so they can see what’s inspiring you as you plan your wedding.

Tip: Use Pinterest to gather ideas you like, then narrow it down from there. Once you’ve made a decision on major elements like the color palette, wedding dress, and centerpieces, stop pinning. Stick to your decision and don’t second guess yourself!

2) Create a hashtag for Instagram and Twitter.

Guests who are hooked to their smartphones will definitely be snapping pics and uploading them to Twitter or Instagram on the day of your wedding. Create a unique hashtag, like #smithwedding2014 or #benandlisatiedtheknot and post it in a few easy-to-spot locations, like on the dance floor and at the bar. Encourage guests to tag their photos so you can look back at all the great candid shots they took and shared throughout the day. You’re sure to see lots of funny and candid moments that your professional photographer missed.

Tip: You may want to add a friendly line to your signs asking guests to only share flattering photos and refrain from snapping and sharing during the ceremony. This will ensure all eyes are on you and your groom during the wedding itself.

3) Upload albums to Facebook.

Part of the wedding planning process is deciding who’s on the guest list and who’s not. Facebook is an excellent outlet for sharing online albums with not only those who didn’t make the guest list, but others who were unable to attend as well. Even guests who made it there will want to check out your Facebook albums showcasing some of the photographer’s best pictures or your top photos from the honeymoon!

Tip: Instead of posting individual pics to your timeline, create an album of pictures so friends and family can conveniently go through them like a slide show. Remember, your Facebook community may be widespread and include people like coworkers and older family members, so it’s probably best to stick with PG-rated photos!

From the wedding planning process to the celebratory months after your big day, there’s no reason you can’t use social media to enhance the entire experience. If you have other tips to share with our brides-to-be, be sure to post them in the comments section below!


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