7 Ways to Add a Splash of Color to Your Bridal Gown Look!

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White has been the favorite bridal gown color for decades, and any woman feels like a bride as soon as she slips into a dramatic white gown. But some women are looking for a bit of color. Maybe pink is your signature color or you never leave the house without wearing something blue. Or perhaps you just want to put your own stamp on your look the day of your wedding! You may not want to go for a blue, pink, or other brightly colored bridal gown, but there are plenty of ways to add a splash of color to your bridal gown look.


Depending on the length of your bridal gown, your shoes may be on full display throughout the wedding and reception, or may just peek out from under the skirt from time to time. Bold shoes make a beautiful focal point, and turquoise and hot pink are especially trendy right now. Blue pumps can take the honor of being your “something blue!”


Hair Piece

A headband or hair clip is a simple accessory that adds a bit of color to your bridal gown look. This is the perfect way for brides to add a pop of color in between the ceremony and the reception, refreshing their look and making it a bit more playful. Try pinning an oversized flower to your hairdo for a bold, yet romantic touch.

Hand Bag

If you’re one of those women who can’t be away from her lipstick or a handheld mirror, a hand bag may be a must for your reception. Make it a statement piece by choosing a bold color so it’s just as much a part of your look as the shoes and jewelry!

Bold Veil

Color can be added to a veil in a number of ways, even if you choose a white one in the bridal salon. A few layers of colored tulle, a bright trim, or bold-colored gems at the clip all give it a little something extra special.

Statement Jewelry

Chandelier earrings or an oversized necklace can add an air of elegance or old-Hollywood charm to your bridal gown look.


Having a custom sash made for your wedding dress gives you the chance to add your own personal touch to an off-the-rack look. Golds, tans, and blacks are available in our salon, so ask to try them on during your bridal gown appointment if you’d like to see how a sash can complement your favorite dresses.

Add sash to your wedding dress
Add sash to your wedding dress

Skirt Layer

If your bridal gown has layers of tulle, consider swapping out a few of those layers–or adding more for extra volume–with the color of your choice. You can play up the color during photos or when you’re on the dance floor, yet leave it covered up when you want to keep your look more traditional.

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