Unique Wedding Favors for Your Summer Wedding

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Wedding favors are a long-held tradition that every bride and groom can embrace to make their guests feel appreciated. Whether they’re part of the decor that’s spread out on every table or a sweet parting gift that’s handed out as guests leave the reception, unique wedding favors are a special way to help guests remember your wedding in the days, months, or even years after the festivities have ended.

Choosing unique wedding favors is a fun way to show your personality as a couple. Some brides turn it into a fun do-it-yourself activity with their bridesmaids, while others search the globe for the most unique takeaway item they can find. If you’re looking for ideas on unique wedding favors that will leave a lasting impression on your guests, look no further! Check out these fun ideas to make your favors truly special and unique.

Sweet Treats

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so why not win over your guests this way, too? Forget the traditional bundled up mints and candies, and try something a little more unexpected. Individual cupcakes can be packaged up in little jars or paper pockets to take home and enjoy later. Encourage guests to get hands on by having a massive cookie station with tongs, paper bags, and jars upon jars full of freshly baked cookies! Let them mix and match their favorites so they’ll have plenty of delicious treats to munch on over the next few days.

Spreadable Goodness

You simply can’t go wrong with jams, marmalades, dips, and spreads. Work with a local vendor to have itty-bitty jars of your favorite spreadable goods packaged up. Tie a ribbon and simple thank-you note on each one, incorporating your color palette and the font used in your invitations. Set up a beautiful display table near the exit so guests can grab a few goodies on their way out the door.

Spirited Libations

Mini bottles of the bride and groom’s favorite spirits make for really fun and unique wedding favors. Talk to your preferred liquor store about placing a bulk order and you should be able to get a deal on pricing!

Tomorrow’s Breakfast

After a night of socializing and dancing, your guests are sure to wake up with a big appetite the next morning. Send them home with jars of homemade pancake mix and mini bottles of maple syrup to ensure they enjoy breakfast as they reminisce about your fantastic reception!

Christmas in July

For truly unique wedding favors, think about bringing a hint of winter to your summer wedding. Christmas ornaments featuring a picture of the bride and groom, date of the wedding, or a special thank-you message will win over guests’ hearts and give them reason to remember your big day every year when they decorate the Christmas tree.

Prop Play

Props aren’t just for the wedding photo booth! Set up a supply of fun props at each table to help guests let loose while taking photos and getting down on the dance floor–mustaches, oversized glasses, bunny ears, and other classic props are sure to delight! You can also try outfitting each guest with a floral lei if you want to add a tropical flair to the reception. Encourage guests to take props home for their kids to enjoy.


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