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There are countless wedding traditions that have been passed down from past generations that today’s couples are happy to embrace. White wedding gowns, garter belts, the exchange of rings, a big cake…these are just a few of the staples you’d expect to see at most modern weddings. While tradition still reigns supreme in most weddings,

White has been the favorite bridal gown color for decades, and any woman feels like a bride as soon as she slips into a dramatic white gown. But some women are looking for a bit of color. Maybe pink is your signature color or you never leave the house without wearing something blue.

Most weddings are a convergence of not only two families, but of two big events–the wedding and the reception! Brides have the tricky task of balancing tradition with their more modern tastes, often weaving in religious customs and accommodating requests from the family. And the big day is a chance for couples to show off their personalities,

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