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Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. This is a monumental occasion and signifies the beginning of a journey to eternity. The vows that you take during your wedding represent a serious commitment for you both and it is appropriate that today should be recorded for posterity. Much time and preparation must be devoted to your wedding day, as you want everything to go off without a hitch. Make no mistake about it, while you will be very excited and thrilled, you will also be quite nervous and anticipatory. Details, details, details – it’s all in the details!

While it is true to say that the memories of this special day will be ingrained upon your memory for years to come, you’ll also want a lot of visual clues to stir the memory in the years ahead. We live such a busy existence that even the very best memories start to fade as time goes by. You want to be sure that you do not forget anything and will invariably rely on the best wedding photographer in Toronto to help you repaint the picture.

Choosing a place for wedding photography can be quite a task by itself. We want the memories to be a true reflection of what happened on that great day and the locations that we select in advance will therefore be quite crucial. Indeed, choosing a place for your wedding photography can be one of the primary tasks as you get things ready and you should also consider the possibility of inclement weather, sad but possible, by choosing an alternate venue.

While you plan the outline of your entire wedding’s organization, you should look for assistance from your photographer. He or she will have an experienced eye and be able to advise you about the best locations. Just because one of these appears to be particularly photogenic, it does not mean that it will be entirely suitable for your needs and for the desired outcome. Backdrop, lighting, time of day, space, set-up considerations – all must be taken into account.

When choosing the best in Toronto wedding photography locations, consider some of these venues:

Newmarket Tannery

This is an ideal location if the weather looks a bit “iffy.” It is indoor, but has lots of natural light. The decor is very ornate, with a Roman architecture theme – lots of granite, large pillars. It has a lovely fountain, which may be able to form the centerpiece.

Guildwood Park

This is one of our favorites and is designed in the style of an amphitheater with Versace-style architecture, a lot of ornate pillars and arches that can really add a splendid backdrop to the photography. This location is next to a grand lake.

The Distillery District

This is a very “hip” and cool place. It’s highly recommended and may be reserved well in advance, so consult your wedding photographer in Toronto soon. There’s a lot of visual art and perfect architecture, with iron and wooden gateways, etc.

Edwards Gardens

For those of you who are familiar with James Gardens, this is a similar setup with sparkling fountains, a staircase to stage the photographs, yet a lot more room.

While seeking out help with wedding photography in Toronto, wedding dresses could be next on your list.

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  1. My wedding ceremony would have remained incomplete without seeking the help of a professional wedding photographer, who helped capturing all those precious moments in the camera that reminds us our wedding wows, our love, and our commitment towards each other.

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