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The bridesmaid is an important figure in the wedding scene, as she can be such a valuable assistant in the days leading up to the big event, a shoulder to cry on when things get a little stressful (as they will), a familiar face during the event itself and a valued caretaker to mop things up afterward. There’s a lot to do and a great deal of planning to make sure that your friend has the most important day of her life.

You have been chosen as the bridesmaid because you mean something very special to the bride. You can view this as an honor, for indeed it is. However, there’s quite a lot of work involved as well. Do everything you can to anticipate problems and to smooth over any wrinkles and you’ll be sure to have enhanced your friendship!

Right from the beginning, the bride may ask you for your input to help with administrative tasks. Start to get involved with preparing invitations, even if this means just addressing the envelopes in your best writing style. If you have a creative style, this will likely not have gone unnoticed by the bride and you can help out a lot by assisting with the selection of appropriate decor, decorations and party favors.

The bridesmaid should also be a good organizer, ideally and help to take a lot of the weight off the bride and groom’s shoulders. Ensure that everything is ordered and is set to be delivered in plenty of time.

You may go along with the bride and the maid of honor to look for that beautiful wedding dress. In Toronto, wedding dresses are fit for a queen and you may be able to help her select styles and accessories if she chooses custom wedding dresses. Remember that when wedding dresses are selected, bridesmaid dresses are as well and this will be a great treat for you.

The days immediately before a wedding are a whirl of activity and you should help to ensure the bachelorette party goes off without a hitch and that everybody knows where and when the rehearsal dinner is taking place. The big day itself will soon come and you should be ready as a personal assistant with anything that could possibly have been forgotten close at hand.

After the wedding has taken place, you can be the point of contact when bride and groom slip away on their honeymoon. Of course they don’t want to be worried with any “admin” back home and you could do a lot to make sure that their honeymoon is memorable by looking after the distribution of photographs, cleaning up details after the party and handling all that paperwork.

It can seem as if there is so much to do that you’re afraid that you might forget something. Do yourself a favor – just don’t forget to call on the resources of professionals and as recommended by the bridal shop, Toronto has plenty of contacts to help you out.

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