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More and more women are embracing their do-it-yourself spirit and becoming a so-called “DIY bride.” You know the type–crafty, excited to put their own personal touch on table toppers, favors, wedding party gifts, and countless other aspects of the wedding. Does that sound like you? If you’re a DIY bride, there are some special wedding planning tips that apply to you. Here is some sound advice to help you choose which DIY projects to take on for yourself and how to manage them wisely:

Tips Every DIY Bride Should Follow
Inspiration for the DIY Bride [Photo courtesy of beautiful-dissaster via Flickr,CC BY 2.0

1) Price out how much the entire project will cost.

Any experienced DIY bride will tell you that doing it yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll save money. Supplies, including materials you’ll use plus the tools you’ll need to do the project, can add up to much more than what you’d pay to buy pre-made décor and gifts. Knowing you made those centerpieces yourself might mean a lot more to you than being budget-conscious, but just be sure you have realistic expectations on costs before you jump into the project!

2) Make it a group activity.

Don’t go it alone when it comes to DIY wedding projects! Plan a monthly get together for you and your closest gal pals to hang out, work on projects, and drink some wine. Or invite your future mother-in-law and sister-in-law over to help with a project on a Saturday afternoon. Getting hands on with a wedding-related project is a great excuse to spend time with your friends and family in the months leading up to the big day.

3) Have all print projects proofread.

Imagine a typo on your printed dinner menu or on the descriptions at the dessert table–oh the horror! You may think you have immaculate proofreading skills, but it’s too easy for a misspelled name or oddly worded phrase to pass through your inspection after having spent hours looking at an invite, signage, or other wedding goodies. Enlist a friend–or three!–to proofread all text before you print, trim, glue, and otherwise put together final pieces.

4) Don’t overcommit.

DIY brides take on those handmade projects because they want to put their own personal touch on the big day. There’s something extra special in knowing that you lovingly created name cards, bridesmaids gifts, and other important aspects of your wedding day. Just be sure to keep the process a happy and enjoyable one by not taking on too much. You don’t want to risk putting a damper on that positive DIY spirit by becoming overwhelmed or stressed in the days leading up to the wedding. Remember, you’ll be busy doing lots of other wedding planning, too!

If you’re a DIY bride, we hope you’ve found these tips to be helpful. And congratulations on your engagement! We invite you to visit Bella’s Brides to meet with one of our experienced bridal consultants. Contact us today to set up your personal consultation. Happy wedding planning!

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