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On your big day, you want to look your absolute best, which includes selecting the perfect wedding hairstyle.    This depends upon the length and texture of your hair, and also upon your wedding venue.  These guidelines will help you pick the right  wedding hairstyle for you, and also the right stylist.

Short Hair

If you have very short hair, you’ll want to keep things simple.  Pinned curls are a classic look, and can also be adorned with flowers, pearls or other accessories.  You can also opt to get hair extensions so that you can have a more complex style.  This is a good option for a more formal venue, or perhaps an evening wedding.

Chin-length Hair

Chin-length hair is best off with a good professional blowout and style.  Alternatively, you can opt for a partial updo, which can be a very elegant, romantic look.  Curls for this length of hair tend to be somewhat awkward, so may not be the best choice.

Medium to Long Hair

For medium-length to long hair, an updo or partial updo may be the best option.  This gives your hair more body and definition, and also keeps it off of your neck, which is especially helpful in summer months or for outdoor weddings.

Pre-Wedding Hair Care

Make sure to get your locks in the best possible shape before your wedding day comes.  A few weeks before the wedding, take up a good haircare regimen, including deep conditioning.  We also recommend that you have your hair cut and colored 1-2 weeks before your wedding.  This freshens up your hair, but also gives you time to fix anything that might have gone wrong.

Special Considerations for Outdoor Weddings

If your ceremony and/or reception will be held outdoors, you’ll want to choose a style that is wind-friendly, and won’t be blown around.  If your wedding is during the warmer months, you’ll want a style that keeps your hair off of your neck so that you can stay cool and your hair stays fresh.

Picking a Stylist

It’s best to choose someone who is experienced specifically in wedding hairstyles, particularly for an updo.  Ask your regular stylist if he or she is experienced, and if not, check in with your wedding coordinator or local bridal boutique to ask for referrals.  For bridal shops Toronto brides have many available options, so be sure to check around.

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