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Few things are as elegant or romantic as a formal daytime wedding.   Typically a formal daytime wedding is held in the afternoon, and ordinarily has a fairly large guest list.  Generally the venue is a cathedral, church or chapel, and the guest list tends to be fairly large.

Formal daytime wedding attire is generally fairly elaborate.  We’ve developed the following guide for the bride, groom, wedding party and family.  Attire for wedding guests is somewhat more flexible, but should generally adhere to the same guidelines as the wedding party.

BE101-243x300Bridal Attire

The bride typically wears a white or ivory full-length gown with a chapel or cathedral train.  A simple, unadorned dress is considered acceptable, but a more elaborate or ornate gown is also appropriate.  A bridal boutique can help you to select an appropriate gown. For bridal shops Toronto brides have many options, as there are quite a few salons available.

The veil should also be long, either making a train or covering the cathedral train.  Generally the bride wears elbow-length gloves and carries a bouquet or prayer book.  Jewelry should be fairly simple; a string of pearls is often chosen.




 Bridesmaids should wear floor-length dresses which are either matching or of coordinating colors and styles.  Traditionally, bridesmaids wear a cap or hat for a formal daytime wedding, and also wear white or pastel-tinted gloves.  Jewelry is generally fairly simple, and all bridesmaids carry a bouquet.







Traditionally mothers wear floor-length dresses for a formal daytime wedding, although a tea-length is also appropriate if current fashion trends allow.  Mothers usually wear a matching or coordinating colored hat, pail gloves, a corsage and a purse.







Traditionally, men wear an oxford gray or black cutaway coat with a wing-collared shirt and striped ascot tie.  However, for a more contemporary look, men can wear a long or shirt, dark-colored contoured jacket with striped trousers, a wing-collared shirt and vest.

It can be somewhat challenging to match wedding attire to the wedding’s venue and style.  A bridal consultant can be helpful in this, and there are many Toronto bridal shops available.

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