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Every bride knows that planning a wedding is no easy feat! Even the most casual of affairs call for planning, shopping for a wedding gown, budgeting, and plenty of organization. As the big day approaches, it’s more important than ever that you not only prepare yourself mentally and physically, but that you take some time to pamper yourself.

Summer is upon us, which means wedding season is in full swing. If you have a summer wedding in the coming months, you probably have most of the planning done. Contracts have been signed, the wedding dress has been tailored, and everyone knows their role in the big day. If you’re in good shape with your wedding planning,

There are countless wedding traditions that have been passed down from past generations that today’s couples are happy to embrace. White wedding gowns, garter belts, the exchange of rings, a big cake…these are just a few of the staples you’d expect to see at most modern weddings. While tradition still reigns supreme in most weddings,

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